A recorded police statement Jacob Gonzalez made was played for the jury as prosecutors prepared to rest their case in Gonzalez’s murder trial.

He is accused of murder -- under the law of parties -- in the slaying of Gary Cooper, 25, the boyfriend of his brother’s estranged wife.

Gonzalez and his brother, Richard Mendez, broke into Mendez’s apartment where his wife was living on July 7, 2011. Ashley Mendez, his estranged wife, was inside with Cooper.

“I went at him, grabbed him and he threw me aside,” Gonzalez said in the recorded police statement prosecutors played for the jury.

But Gonzalez insisted he was not armed.

“Did you have any knife?’ Detective Raul Juarez asked.

“No,” Gonzalez replied.

“Did you have any weapons at all?” Juarez asked.

Gonzalez shook his head no.

Juarez explained to Gonzalez that he was still facing murder charges.

“If one person does something and the other person is there with him, you don’t even have to take part in the actual act,” Juarez said. “You're guilty of the same charge.”

Gonzalez’s brother pleaded guilty to Cooper’s murder last winter and is serving a 45-year prison sentence.

If he is found guilty of murder Gonzalez is facing a maximum life prison sentence.

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