A local union made it known on Tuesday they're upset about the Supreme Court's recent decision to throw out a portion of the Voting Rights Act.

The Southwest Workers Union protested outside the San Antonio Federal Court House downtown, bearing signs and banners alleging voting discrimination is still present in Texas.

The portion of the law thrown out by the U.S. Supreme Court required 9 states with a history of discrimination at the polls to get approval from the Justice Department before they changed their voting laws.

But members of the Southwest Workers Union said the act protected voters.

"We feel that this really does not reflect the reality of voting discrimination in Texas and it's very important for us to just be vocal about instances of discrimination and also just to be active as voters, well informed, educated voters," said Laura Muraida, speaking on behalf of the union.

The state of Texas had asked a three judge panel to throw out a lawsuit regarding new redistricting maps, saying the high court's decision made the lawsuit moot.

The court denied the motion.