The city is waiting to kill Buddy the dog, and says it has the law on its side, but Buddy's supporters say think again.

A group of animal lovers came to the Alamo Saturday to say Buddy deserves to live.

The protesters say the city's Animal Care Services shouldn't euthanize Buddy for what was a minor incident.

Animal Care gave Buddy a death sentence after he attacked a girl.

But Buddy backers, and the dog's owner, say Buddy did not bite the girl as the city claims.

Homer Mojica says his dog only scratched the victim, and he went to court to fight for Buddy's life.

On Jan. 14 Buddy got a stay of execution.

A court put the euthanization on hold pending an appeal.

Animal Care has released Buddy for the time being.

And people protesting Saturday say they want Buddy to go free.

Even Mayor Julian Castro says he believes the city can find a way to let Buddy live.