When my wife first mentioned the idea, I realized the need to help curb the use of plastic shopping bags, but why do we need to be the Guinea Pigs? It just seemed like something someone with solar panels, rain catchment systems and an electric car should try first. I tend to be a creature of habit, I don’t want to cause a fuss, when the bagger asks “paper or plastic?” I would say “whatever.” No more.

Look around when you drive down the road, and chances are you will see at least one plastic bag blowing around like a litterers tumbleweed. I walked down by the River Walk last weekend, and there again, floating on the surface, a plastic bag blob. They are more than just pains in our landfill, and dangers to aquatic life that mistake them for Jellyfish, they are so common I had just overlooked them, so I decided to join a grand experiment.

SA2020 officials are asking people to try things like be healthier, try our city parks, and yes, give up plastic shopping bags. You can join the effort like my family has in the sort of plastic prohibition. My 3 daughters are making art projects and writing songs about how plastic bags choke sea turtles and our landfills, the least I can do is be choosy at the checkout. So here goes, I’ll keep you posted right here, and if you want to give it a go yourself the link to SA2020 is at www.sa2020.org