Rain-slick roads are being blamed for a crash in North Bexar County that involved two Comal Independent School District buses at the start of Wednesday's school day.

Sheriff’s deputies at the scene said a total of 46 students were on the buses, which were both headed to Smithson Valley High School at the time of the crash around 8 a.m.

They said both buses were traveling on E. Borgfeld Road near Shawanee Pass when one rear-ended the other.

Deputies said it appeared the bus driver was unable to stop when traffic in front of him suddenly came to a halt.

"We just kind of went forward and hit our heads,” said Kaitlyn Howard, an 11th-grader who was on the bus that was hit from behind. “Luckily, no one was in the back seat where the window crashed in."

After the crash, paramedics examined most of the students at the scene.

There were no major injuries reported, but some students did complain of neck and back pain, deputies said.

Some parents also arrived at the scene to check on their children themselves.

"Everybody seems OK. I'm just grabbing my daughter to make sure she’s OK,” said Rachel Howard, who took her daughter, Kaitlyn, to the doctor on her own.

Once paramedics determined they had no significant injuries, many of the other students were placed onto another bus and taken to school.

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