Police said a 29-year-old rape suspect was in a local hospital Tuesday recovering from having part of his tongue bitten off by his alleged victim.

The woman, who police said is in her 20s, left a bar with some people she knew around 3 a.m. Monday. Their car became stuck in the mud on the city's northeast side of town. She told police she stayed behind with the car while the others went to get another vehicle.

That's when she said four men in a suburban pulled up and dragged her into their vehicle. At least one of them tried to take off her clothes to sexually assault her. Police said during that struggle, the woman bit off part of the man's tongue.

"The suspect and his tongue were taken to the hospital (by one of his friends," said San Antonio police officer Roger Zuniga.

The victim walked to a nearby home and called police.

Police would only say the suspect is 29-years-old and that he is in a hospital receiving treatment for his injury. He is under arrest but has not been officially charged with the crime.

Police said the man who took the suspect to the hospital was questioned, but not charged. Investigators are looking for three other men.