There's a lot of talk over a new reality show shot in San Antonio. It highlights youth football in the state, and it's called "Friday Night Tykes." But some say the show is putting coaches and parents in a negative light.

Former NFL player Wane McGarity can't believe how demeaning the coaches are to players. He said the show makes Texas football look bad.

"You got your coaches yelling at kids in a way that you are coaching ... it only looks bad on your program and your organization," said McGarity.

The Esquire Network TV series gives an eye-opening look at the rough and relentless way some youngsters in the Texas Youth Football Association are treated by their coaches.

Executive Director of Texas High School Coaches Association D.W. Rutledge believes the show is not good for the game.

"The game should be fun, and it shouldn't be where you press the younger kids where they're crying or throwing up, that's not what the game is about," said Rutledge.

Dr. Rudy Navarro from University of Texas Medicine San Antonio said concussions in youth football is the most common injury he sees. He's concerned the reality TV show may put more players in harm's way, because some clips show coaches pushing young players beyond their limit.

"To be aware that something's wrong, especially with a child, if they're not acting themselves, they need to be seen, they need to be taken out. That's probably the biggest thing we could ask for everybody involved in the game," said Dr. Navarro.

"It's a competitive world, it's a competitive game and it's hard to get a look these days as a kid, but nobody is looking at 8-year-olds," said McGarity.

As a product of Texas youth football, McGarity just hopes the show will get better.

"I just hope in the end it shines a better light on Texas football then what it's showing," said McGarity.

The Texas Youth Football Association posted a statement on its Facebook page: "They didn't not have creative control over the show ... Or have input into which teams were followed ... As a league we will evaluate this show and our coach/volunteer participants as it goes forward and will be addressing issues that do not reflect the positive image of our league.”