BANDERA, Texas -

At least one manager of a Medina Lake business hopes recent rains are a sign of things to come.

Even though the water level has only risen a few tenths of an inch, Jerry Hargrove, manager of Joe's Marina, believes the latest rains are a sign that Mother Nature is changing course.

"It gives me a lot of hope," Hargrove said. "The good Lord is supplying some rain and getting all the cracks filled in. We just need a good gully washer from here. There's always hope."

While many businesses have shut down because the drought, Joe's Marina and others have remained but they are struggling.

For example, Hargrove said there were less than a handful of customers over the weekend.

"We're doing our best just to hang on," Hargrove said. "We still have our marina tenants and fishermen, so we're hanging on as long as we can."

Historically, there have been extreme fluctuations in water levels over the years.

In the 1950's, the lake was almost completely dry.

In 2002, the lake had it's highest levels after a major flood.

Hargrove is banking on a similar turnaround.

"It's going to come back up. The lake has a history of coming down and going back up. We're just waiting on the upstroke now," he said.

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