This week’s soaking rains made the summer’s drought seem like a distant memory, but the Edwards Aquifer levels have yet to show a major rebound. 

"The aquifer levels are still about 25 to 26 feet below the historical monthly average,” said Roland Ruiz, director of the Edwards Aquifer Authority.

According to Ruiz, the aquifer incurred a major debt over the summer that will make for a long recovery process.

In fact, the Edwards Aquifer J-17 well is about 10 feet below where it was last year at this time.

"You would expect maybe to see a greater benefit with the rainfall that we've had over the past week to 10 days,” said Ruiz. “The challenge is that we've been dry for so long."

Ruiz believed South Texas’ dry ground needed more soaking before good runoff occurred into the aquifer.

The aquifer came perilously close to Stage 4 restrictions in August, but has slowly rebounded. 

"We could realistically perhaps look at coming out of Stage 3 somewhere in the near future,” said Ruiz.

For that to happened, said Ruiz, the wet, fall-like weather would have to continue.

Meanwhile, timing is working in the favor of the Edwards Aquifer.

"We're probably approaching our lowest period for demand on the aquifer,” said Ruiz.

Still, it may take more flooding rains above before the aquifer sees big changes below.