Claudia Becker is looking to cash in on her daughter's closet.

"She probably wears them once or twice, and then it's time to buy new clothes," Claudia said, rummaging through her toddler's dresser.

Becker is taking advantage of a growing trend in re-commerce. Online consignment and resale shops are making it easier than ever for people to make some money on outgrown outfits or clothes that just hang in the closets. 

At the same time, shoppers can find deep discounts on gently used designer labels.

"If I sell them at least I get something in return, and somebody else can benefit from them at more reasonable prices than I bought them for," said Becker.

Becker uses The business mails a big plastic bag for free. The seller fill it up and simply drops it in the mail and waits for his money. 

The seller is paid 20 to 40 percent of the resale price, similar to what many traditional resale stores pay.

On the flip side,  Becker said they save a lot of money by shopping on the site.

Adam Becker opened a box that had just shipped. Neatly wrapped were 10 shirts and shorts for his son.  The stack of  practically new Gymboree, Kenneth Cole and other designer labels cost about $87, a fraction of what it would have cost retail. 

Thredup has also branched into adult clothing, too.

Christine Ortiz has a lot of cash hiding in her closet. She has sold items on eBay and other clothing sites, but the one she said really makes it a snap is called

With a click of her smart phone, she uploads a photo of a dress that still has the tags on it.

"I spend so much money on them, and they're still in good condition and like, why not?" she said.

Tradesy cleans up the image and makes a pricing recommendation. However, the seller sets the price. Once the item sells, Tradesy keeps 9 percent of the sale price and sends a prepaid envelope so the seller can ship the item.

"I have sold shoes, dresses, purses and a little bit of accessories and jewelry," she said.

She's also selling a brand new swimsuit that caused a bit of buyer's remorse.

"I got it because I thought I really liked it. I like the brand, and I like the way it looks, but when I got home and put it on, maybe it's not me," she said.

She's hoping to recoup $40 of the $100 retail price.

A little black dress by Dolce & Gabana that's been hanging her her closet is also posted for sale.

"I actually have never worn it," she said. 

Shoppers can find big discounts on designer brands, including high-end designers. 

"I'm happy with it," Ortiz said. "Being that they were just sitting in my closet and now, I have money. I like that."

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