At least six dogs on the city's southside have learned the hard way not to mess with a porcupine: they were stuck.

Wildlife Rescue managed to catch three of the dogs, who had porcupine quills stuck in their faces and mouths.

The group said there are still three other dogs that they know of with quills in them that have not been caught.

Wildlife Rescue is treating the captured dogs. It's asking for foster homes to care for the dogs and money to help pay for their treatment. If you're interested in helping, call Lynn Cuny at (830) 336-2725, extension 309.

IMAGES: Dogs stuck by porcupine

Published On: Sep 17 2013 08:02:26 PM CDT

These photos from Wildlife Rescue show three dogs who went too close to a porcupine. They need foster homes and money to cover their treatment.

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