They are the eyes and ears of Bexar County neighborhoods, Cellular On Patrol or "COP" volunteers.

There are more than 400 COP volunteers  with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office .

After training with Bexar County deputies, these volunteers drive around their neighborhoods on a regular basis, looking for anything that may appear suspicious, and if they find anything, they call it in.

"We report what we see and we just go on," said Tyrone Lewis, a COP volunteer. "We don't get involved. We don't chase no one down."

"Call it in, get as much information as you can," said Mike Arno, a COP volunteer. "We're eyes and ears. We're not police officers."

Arno and Lewis said they enjoy patrolling, knowing it keeps their neighborhood safe.

"I have grand kids," said Lewis. "I don't want my grand kids to be afraid to walk down the streets."

Deputy Leonard Lopez, Bexar County Sheriff's Office Cellular On Patrol Coordinator, said the residents are a big help because they know their neighborhoods so well.

"As a patrolman, if I'm driving down your neighborhood, I don't know what car is supposed to be next door," said Lopez. "These guys out here on the streets, they know who their neighbor is."

COP volunteers ride around in their own vehicles, but they use a magnetic sign with the COP logo, so they can have a visible presence in the neighborhood.

The volunteers are not armed. In fact, Arno said his cellphone is his only weapon.

The non-emergency number for the Bexar County Sheriff's Office is 210-335-6000.

Lopez said anyone can call that number if they see something suspicious in their neighborhood.

Lewis said he has noticed a decrease in crime since they have been patrolling.

"Ours has been less," Lewis said, "And, I like to think that it was because we were out there listening and looking around and keeping an eye on everything."

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