Retired Chief Master Sgt. Floyd Jesse Harrison is a hero.

On Tuesday afternoon, he received two medals for his service in the Navy from 1942 to 1945: an Air Medal and a Distinguished Flying Cross. 

He said the honor brings back fond memories.

"It brings me back to all the missions we flew and some of the missions were quite exciting," said Harrison. 

The medals were presented to him at the Horizon Bay Care Facility, where he lives with his wife. 

In front of his children and many friends, Navy personnel presented the medals he earned while in service as a radioman on World War II aircraft.

About a year ago, the Navy contacted Harrison about receiving these new medals. 

Although he didn't think it was a big deal, his children did.

"Very few children have an opportunity to see their father get medals from before they were born, so I'm extremely proud ," said Nancy Saylor, Harrison’s second eldest child.

Saylor said she is so proud of her dad and the work he did. 

She said at 89 years old, her dad is still a hardworking, strong man, whom she will always honor and adore.

“You have a genuine hero in your midst," Saylor said. "While he's always been a hero to me, it's nice to see him recognized for the work he did for the country."

After gunnery and radio operator schools, he was assigned to Squadron VB 108 as radio operator on a B-24, bombing the central Pacific islands: Gilberts, Marshalls, Carolines, and Marianas. 

He joined the U.S. Air Force in 1948, was a radio operator on a C-47, and flew support missions for the Berlin Airlift. 

Then he went to the Military Assistance Advisory Group in Copenhagen, Denmark. 

He then returned to the USA and later transferred to Pakistan. 

His final mission was to Alaska, where completed his 30-year service and retired in San Antonio in 1974.

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