In their quest for a fifth NBA Championship, the San Antonio Spurs have made more than just an impact on their fans -- they’ve made a huge impact on local businesses. 

According to the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce, the hospitality industry is projected to make about $3 million to $4 million per game of the playoffs.

“It picks up a little bit,” said Angelica Serrato, who works on the River Walk.  “It's the beginning of summer, so everything’s getting a little busier anyways, but we definitely get the people that are from all over, that are here just for the Spurs games.”

From the restaurants and shops on the River Walk, to those who work there -- like servers, bartenders, and mariachis -- it appears many are benefitting from the Spurs’ championship run.

“We just got done playing 10 songs back to back, and it looks like it's going to be a good day,” said Eric Rodriguez, whose troupe “Mariachi Oro Y Plata” performs along the River Walk. 

Rodriguez said they have been busier in the last few days.

Even though extra manpower and longer hours are in store for many downtown employees during the championship run, some workers, like River Walk server Allen O’Brien, don’t seem to mind.

“We stock up on staff members, and we just prep and get ready,” O'Brien. “I like working, the money is good.”

Representatives with the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce said their estimations are based on revenue figures for other cities, like Dallas and Oklahoma City, during the NBA playoffs.

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