At Rodriguez Elementary Tuesday, the school library received a makeover, complete with a new bright color of paint.

"It’s wonderful, it’s beautiful. We had a white library and now we have a very colorful library,” said an excited Yolanda Vega, principal of the school.

The bright paint was just a small part of the project.

“There’s new artwork, there's a reading area, with a reading rug, bean bag chairs, a fun comfy reading chair to read in,” added Lisa Benson, a volunteer from the Heart of America Foundation, one of the organizations that helped sponsor the event.

The biggest change came with the library’s added inventory.  Thousands of new books filled the shelves.  The makeover came courtesy of Capital One Bank partnering with the Heart of America Foundation for a project called “Library Redesign”.

"Catching the students early in elementary school and making a difference through something as simple as a book is awesome,” said Kent Eastman, Texas State Market president for Capital One.

Rodriguez Elementary was one of only 15 schools in 2013, nationwide, selected to receive a renovation through the program. 

Through a book drive during Fiesta and additions from the sponsors, more than 6,300 books now fill the library at the school. 

Rodriguez was nominated because it was in desperate need a new library, with recent budget cuts taking hold. 

Meanwhile, with Capital One as a sponsor, classrooms also got a lesson in financial literacy.  Each student also received five books of their own for a home library.