The Roosevelt High School community is dealing with a pair of tragedies involving current students after one is killed and another is injured in separate incidents days apart.

On Jan. 4, 17-year-old Mirian Hernandez and her mother were killed in a car crash in Mexico while returning home from winter break. Her 3-year-old brother passed away later from injuries from the crash.

News of her death began to reach students the next day.

"I heard about it the Saturday before we came back," said Deborah Ramirez, a health sciences teacher at Roosevelt who taught Hernandez. "Everybody knew about it before we even got back on campus and they were already in my classroom before the first period talking about it."

Hernandez was actively involved in the Health Occupation Students of America club and was already a part of clinical rotations in hospitals.

"She was very focused on a career and I think she knew exactly where she was going to go with her life," said Ramirez. "It's been pretty rough. The kids have been pretty torn up about it because they lost one of their own."

Wednesday afternoon, 17-year-old junior Amanda Dixon was hit by a car while crossing Walzem road in front of the school. She slipped and fell in the turning lane and an oncoming car could not stop in time. She was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition.

"When life's unexplained situations happen you think, 'Oh my goodness, not to Amanda,' not that any child is more or less important but she's an incredible young person," said Roosevelt counselor Linda Howe.

Dixon was in her third year at the Engineering and Technology Academy at Roosevelt, following in her brother's footsteps. He graduated last year.

"She has taken the most vigorous program that Roosevelt offers," said Howe. "All her classes that are available in pre-AP, AP, that's what she's taking."

"You build a very strong bond, more than just the student relationship, so they're struggling with that right now," added ETA director Bill Sturgis.

Sturgis said three faculty members stayed at SAMMC with Dixon's mother until midnight Wednesday. The school's principal visited the hospital Thursday morning.

"We all are so wishing the very best for her and her family," said Howe.