If you notice a few ruffled feathers around the San Antonio Police Department’s Northwest substation, chances are they’re not among the officers or staff.

More likely, those feathers belong to a rooster who has made himself at home there.

Named “Pruester” by the staff — a combination of rooster and Prue Road, the street where the substation is located — the bird appeared on the grounds many years ago.

"I was out here around 2005 and he was out here. And I went away for a while and came back. He's still out here," said Lt. Michael Schwab.

No one is exactly sure where Pruester came from, but the staff suspects he may have belonged to a property owner nearby who moved away and left him.

Now he’s a feathered friend to all there.

The rooster gets up with the sun and spends his days patrolling the substation’s parking lots.

Over the years, he has become the unofficial mascot there, with his image adorning glass mugs and T-shirts.

“We give these to the officers when they do something above the call of duty," said Schwab, showing off a mug. “The officers will wear these T-shirts under their uniforms.”

Recently, they also did something nice for Pruester, by getting him a mate.

“One of our officers who raises chickens brought in a hen,” Schwab said. “Yes, he has a wife. He’s very happy.”

Schwab said the happy pair recently had a close call, though, when workers with Animal Care Services mistook them for strays and tried to capture them.

"Officers were wondering what was happening,” he said. “So we went out there and said, 'Hey, they're our mascots.’"

The beloved birds were spared from captivity by friends in blue who took them under their wings.

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