San Antonio runner Larry Macon has broken his Guinness world record for marathons run in a 12-month period for the fourth time.

Macon's last record of 157 was set in 2012. That number has now been shattered. Macon just completed 238 for the 2013 year.

“I set out to break it and I didn't mean to break it by this much, but I just got involved in a lot of marathons," Macon said. "A lot of people wanted me to run marathons with them and I did, and all of a sudden I said I’m not going to break this record, I’m going to bust it."

The seasoned runner has run 1,200 races in his lifetime. He's run over 5,500 miles and gone through 15 pairs of shoes.

"I’ve run marathons not (only) this year, but overall I’ve run marathons in all 50 states, 16 times," Macon said.

Macon wont attempt to break his new record, but hopes it serves as motivation to fellow runners or anybody looking to start running marathons.

"Am I a great runner? No. Am I an athlete? No. I’m just an ordinary guy who just wants to do it, and it just goes to show that anybody can and should be out there running." Macon said.