With the clock ticking closer to New Year’s Eve, Mr. W Fireworks was bustling with customers making their last minute purchases on Monday.

“It gets hectic. There are a lot of people coming out. This is the perfect time to come and get it now because tomorrow it’s going to be way too many people,” said volunteer, James Rodriguez. “We have enough stock, we have enough people, so we’re ready.”

With no burn ban in effect the skies over unincorporated Bexar County will be filled with the boom and bright lights of fireworks.

Although precipitation has kept conditions from being too dry the extra vegetation that has resulted from that rainfall poses a risk, and extra firefighters will be on duty throughout Bexar County.

At Mr. W Fireworks, customers take their pyrotechnics home in bags that have illustrated safety tips on them.

“You don’t want [anybody] to be getting hurt, the emergency rooms to be filled with people, we don’t want none of that,” said Rodriguez. “We just want families to have a good time.”

Customer Fred Gonzalez, who bought fireworks with is three daughters on Monday, has taken those tips to heart since he was a kid.

“When I was a child I remember a bottle rocket that hit a little girl in the head and she passed away,” Gonzalez said. “It stuck with me since I was little because we knew her and I don’t want nothing to happen to [my daughters] neither.”

The personal use of fireworks within San Antonio city limits is illegal, and the San Antonio Fire Department is asking residents to call their fireworks hotline (210-207-0202) to report the illegal use of fireworks.

Bexar County has also activated it’s fireworks hotline (210-335-3473) for residents in unincorporated Bexar County.

The hotline is only for residents who live outside city limits.

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