The Bexar County Fire Marshal's Office is investigating a fire that burned down a family's RV and storage building.

Richard Ward came home to find his home off Laguna Road near 1604 in ashes. His wife, Debi, said she thinks the fire started from a shop light in the storage building.

Around 7 a.m., she went to the building to get clothes, and used the shop light to see.

"I saw the cat run in and jump on the clothes rack. So all I can figure out is the cat knocked the light off onto the clothes," said Debi Ward.

She went back into her RV to get her 8-year-old, Felicity, ready for school. Minutes later, the storage building was engulfed in flames. Ward opened the door to the storage building to try to get a crate of clothes.

"I should have known (that) you don't open a door (or) it could cause a backdraft, but I didn't think," she said.

The flames badly burned her arm, and EMS treated her for second-degree burns.

As she watched the flames spread from the storage building to her RV, Ward says all she could do was pray.

"Police were coming and everybody was coming, but nobody with water, no fire department, so it just all went. Everything new, Christmas, everything," she said.

Three area departments battled the flames, but the fire had already done its damage.

The only thing that was spared was the house just yards away that the family has been trying to fix up for seven years. The RV had been a temporary home.

"I've always lived by (the Bible verse) Romans 8:28 that all things, not some things, work together for our good and his glory, and somehow I have to have faith in that," said Ward.

She said she doesn't know what's next, since her house is still not ready to live in, but even after watching her possessions go up in flames, she still believes things happen for a reason.

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