San Antonio city leaders announced their New Year's resolutions at an SA2020 press conference Tuesday morning, and asked San Antonians to follow their example to help make the city a better place.

In front of Artpace on North Main Avenue downtown, Mayor Julian Castro shared his resolution with KSAT 12.

"What I'm going to be doing this year is going to at least 25 new restaurants that I've never eaten at before that are small, locally owned restaurants in our city to try and support small businesses," Castro said.

He also urged San Antonians to do their part for their city.

"What this is about is encouraging San Antonians to take control of our own destiny and becoming a greater city by volunteering," Castro said. "Volunteering by mentoring a child, or going and cleaning up graffiti, and also volunteering to improve yourself and your family."

As Castro explained, volunteering could be as simple as opening a book.

"Read to your child three times a week. Drink more water during the day. This is all about what we can do as individuals to take responsibility for improving ourselves and also volunteering to improve the community," Castro said.

KSAT 12's Steve Spriester and his family also said they would give up using plastic shopping bags for the year as part of the initiative.

As described on its website,, SA2020 is a community vision for the future of San Antonio. The city will measure the impact of each resolution on San Antonians and the city itself through the course of the year.