Once again members of the San Antonio community are stepping up to help one of their own. 

Ashlyn McCain, a 17-year-old junior at Johnson High School, had a dream of running the Equinox Marathon in Alaska with her dad.

Before that dream had a chance to come true, her dad, Sgt. First Class Johnathan McCain, was killed in Afghanistan.

“We were going to meet up and do it, but it never happened,” Ashlyn McCain said.

After her dad was killed she said she slowed down on the running, but since her mom and other siblings moved to San Antonio from Alaska last summer, Ashlyn started running track at Johnson and now is ready to start pursuing that dream again.

This time, she said, she'll be running in honor of her dad.

“I feel like if I don’t do it, then I am not doing something that we had planned to do together, and I feel like he wouldn't want that. He would want me to do it for both of us," Ashlyn McCain said.

That is where the community has stepped up.

Ashlyn McCain has been training at Gold’s Gym. Gym officials decided to give the family a free one-year membership so she could train.

In order to reach her peak, running coach Kade King will be her personal trainer. Life Expressions created some T-shirts to remind her why she is doing it and the café inside of Gold’s Gym will donate part of their proceeds until the end of January to help with her training.

“I was not expecting it. It was big. It really touched my heart," Ashlyn McCain said.

“For somebody to come in a make their dream come true in honor of their dad is just beautiful," said Leanne McCain, Ashlyn’s mom.

The marathon in Alaska takes place late in the summer.

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