Cha Cha's Restaurant owner Ricardo Ruiz has come out on top of a hairy situation, having been named Wahl's Man of the Year for best facial hair.

Most people who've been to the restaurant on Bandera Road have noticed the man with the handlebar mustache.

"When I met him, I'm like, 'Who's the man with the big ole Pancho Villa mustache?'" said customer Magda Garza.

Ruiz said he's used to getting a lot of attention for his facial hair. 

"It really draws quite a bit of attention, both negative and positive. With negative, I get people that run up to me and say, 'I want to snip off your mustache!' and I get other people that are smiling at me and giving high fives or telling me how much they like my mustache," he said.

Ruiz received a Fed Ex package on Tuesday, letting him know he won the contest. 

He first entered while visiting the Jazz Festival back in the summer. Wahl had a promotional trailer set up and Ricardo entered the contest on the spot. He received notice that he had won the local part of the competition about four months ago. He then competed against 14 other area winners from across the country for the national prize.

"I was just overwhelmed and shocked that I had won the prize -- the national prize -- for the Man of the Year, (for) best mustache," Ruiz said. 

The signature mustache has become a staple around the restaurant. It's on signs, doors, statues and pictures throughout the building.

The mustache has been part of Ruiz's signature style for more than 15 years. He said it only takes a few minutes to groom every morning.  

"I guess girls put on their makeup, I fix my mustache," he said.

It's a routine that's paid off with a set of clippers, a $1,000 prize and bragging rights to fabulous facial hair.

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