Runners gathered for a running safety and self-defense workshop Wednesday night at a sports store in Stone Oak.

Safety is on the minds on many runners after the death of Lauren Bump.

Bump, 24, was attacked and stabbed on New Year’s Eve at O.P Schnabel Park.

"You just never think it can happen to you. (You think it) can't be me. You're comfortable in your zone and in all reality it can happen to anybody," said runner Eddie O’Hara.

Most people who attended the workshop have been running all their life. Many have been fortunate to dodge danger.

“If something, God forbid, does happen to you, you want to know how to protect yourself,” said runner Charli Davenport.

STW Krav Maga instructor Edie Davis hopes runners will be better prepared when going for a run.

"What can I do if someone approaches me, what kind of techniques do I have? What kind of weapons on myself can I use? Can I use kicks, pumps, strikes elbow strikes?” said Davis.

Runners believe the workshop will give them a fighting chance. Davis said runners should always run with a buddy, let friends or family know where they are going and most importantly always be aware of their surroundings.