Already at its 150-person maximum, the Salvation Army said Thursday it is prepared to accept many more people who want to escape the cold.

Anyone who seeks shelter can spend the night in either of the lobbies at the Salvation Army Emergency Family Shelter at 515 West Elmira or in the Goslinowski Social Services lobby at 910 North Flores.

The facilities have separate lobbies but are housed in the same building.

Men not accompanied by families can stay at the Dave Coy Center at 226 Nolan St.

Brad Mayhar, spokesperson for Salvation Army San Antonio, expects another 50 people could fit in each lobby.

"That usually bumps us up another 50 people so we expect we could approach 200 or maybe exceed 200 people," Mayhar said.

Ashley Anderson and her 11-month-old daughter, Trinity Anderson, will stay the night at the shelter.

"Since it's me and my daughter, it means just about everything because the weather is really bad," Anderson said. "It's just heartwarming the fact that I have somewhere- even though it's not my own place- I have a place that will share with me."

The Salvation Army also has its mobile canteen ready to assist The Red Cross in case of a disaster or emergency during the freezing weather.

"It is basically a mobile cafeteria in a sense, so we can take that out to any disaster site and we're going to take it out to the Red Cross if they call us," Mayhar said.

Outside the shelter, salt had already been spread on the sidewalks by 5 p.m. Thursday.

"When you think of the fact that when the lights go out at the end of the night and your head is on a bed, and you have a blanket over you- there's not rain dripping on you or wind blowing in your face- it makes all the difference," said Anderson.

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