As temperatures dropped Thursday evening in the Alamo City, people quickly retreated indoors to find some welcoming temperatures and a hot meal.

"I don't know whether I should take out my sandals or take out my boots," said Maricela Limon.

The wind makes temperatures feel even worse. Folks are definitely bundling up if they're heading out.

"Just not going out, staying indoors and only coming out if we have to," said Lindsey Alfaro.

But if you have to head out, dress warm. For some, staying fashionable is key. At Madame Lui Lui Boutique, they specialize in the ever-changing San Antonio weather. 

"When you wear a coat sometimes that tends to swallow you whole, so a lot of people are looking for thinner jackets they can use because, in San Antonio, the weather always changes," said GM Patty Booth.

Unfortunately, it creates the perfect environment for getting sick.  Just ask Daniel Limon who blames the cold snap for his congestion.

"The weather keeps changing. Hot, warm, hot, warm. The doctor said it's the weather doing it to you, well that's just the way it is here in San Antonio," said Daniel.

With the ever-changing weather in San Antonio, the cold may not last but it may make another appearance.