A local third-grader made her voice heard loud and clear last week as she addressed the city council about her concerns over a proposed fee increase to youth dance classes.

However, this was just not any public meeting.

Anzleigh Bryant, 8, had signed up to speak about her issue on the same Wednesday that nearly 500 people had signed up to speak about the controversial non-discrimination ordinance.

Bryant, dressed in her Girl Scout uniform, had to wait more than six hours to be heard.

She finally approached the council after midnight.

"I was thinking, 'I have to go to school tomorrow,'" said Bryant. "I was also tired."

On Friday, District 8 Councilman Ron Nirenberg presented Bryant with a citizenship award at her school, Colonial Hills Elementary.

"It certainly was refreshing to hear a different issue that night," said Nirenberg. "But to hear if from an 8-year-old up there with her mother and being very articulate about a real issue that's facing our city was quite refreshing. She did it with facts and she did it with some very good intentions."

Bryant's concern was a proposed Parks and Recreation Department fee increase that would raise the cost of her three dance classes from $60 to $135.

"I take three classes, ballet, folklorico and and flamenco," said Bryant. "And if they raise the rates, my mom won't be able to pay for it."

Bryant's mother, Stacey Bryant, said she is very proud of her daughter and that she took her to the meeting because she wanted to give her an opportunity to go before the council.

"She said she wanted to talk to the mayor," said Bryant's mother. "And I found out what city council meetings were coming up, so I told her, 'We can go before him and talk to him, you just need to write a speech.'"

"Anzleigh's presentation was not just window-dressing," said Nirenberg. "She used her voice just as every other citizen should and it's going to be effective for us."

Nirenberg said the council will be looking at alternatives to the fee increase that Bryant was concerned about and that they will be going over the budget next week.