Business owners around Fort Sam Houston are happy to hear that the government shutdown is over, and are ready to have their business back.

"We (were) ordering less food, and we (were) cutting down on our hours for our waitstaff," said Juan Diego Espinoza, whose family owns Johnny's Mexican Restaurant.

He said he is ready to fill the open tables with government workers, and so are his employees.

"The waiters have said that there has been a major decrease in their tips," said Espinoza.

The tips are not the only thing that have slipped.

Mandre Diggs said he noticed a change in attitude of his regular customers at Turning Headz barber shop.

"They're coming in now less often, and when they do come in, I can notice the worry on the clientele. I can see the worry in their faces," he said.

That turns into worry for Diggs, who has three kids to take care of. He said he's hoping that starting Thursday, things will begin to turn around.

For at least one shop near Fort Sam Houston, the government shutdown was actually good for business.

That store owner said instead of his parking spaces being taken up by civilian employees, there was room for customers to park.

Still, he says for the sake of all the other businesses around Fort Sam Houston, he's glad government workers are headed back to their jobs.

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