UPDATE: A flag that was stolen from the Alamo Golf Club was returned late Wednesday night nearly 12 hours after the theft was reported. 

President and General Manager Holly Van Delden said the person who stole the flag returned it and agreed to perform 10 hours of labor for the course in exchange for for the course not pressing charges against him.

"I hope that people understand  that something that may not seem like a big deal or may seem funny at the time, can quickly turn into a lot a trouble for you," she said.

Van Delden said the incident started around 8 a.m. on Wednesday, when a jogger in O.P. Schnabel Park reportedly stole a hole marker flag from the golf course.

He was spotted by surveillance cameras wearing Texas flag running shorts, orange running shoes and white knee-high socks.

“The outfit he's wearing (was) pretty obvious, Van Delden said.

Van Delden said the cost to replace each flag is about $100, including the flag stick, flag, and reflector. She also said this is a recurring problem, and adds that the thieves are trespassing as well.

“Over the past year we've probably had about at least a dozen flags stolen, so I think somebody has quite a collection,” she said.

In December, the Alamo Golf Club was hit by four young men Van Delden called the "beer bandits," who burglarized the golf club and stole several cases of beer.

IMAGES: Alamo Golf Club Flag Thief

Published On: Aug 07 2013 03:11:01 PM CDT
The Alamo Golf Club is searching for this man, who they say stole a hole marker from their course.
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