The first Friday night of Big Game Coverage has kicked off.

And while San Antonio area football teams are competing on the field, there are other teams competing in the classroom.

One of the big games had the Marshall Rams taking on the Lee Volunteers. 

But both schools also boast other big time teams.

Marshall is home to an award-winning robotics team.

“The competition is fantastic. It is always so much fun," said Zoe Phost, a team member.

Since robotics is becoming so popular, Marshall is now offering a class in the subject.

“You can actually go to school and build these things and if you love it so much, you can go after school and continue to build," Phost said.

While the students build robots and compete, they are also building their future.

“I want to get ahead in something that I know I’ll have a job in the future," said David Ramirez.

On the campus of Lee High School, members of the speech and debate team gain national rankings.

Cosmo Albrecht is top-ranked in extemporaneous communication.

“The hardest part is probably just getting started. The first two seconds of your speech can really make or break you," said Albrecht

His teammate is Jocelyn Hernandez, who competes in debate.

“What I really enjoy about debate is its subjectivity of every topic. You can justify pretty much anything,” Hernandez said.

Both students are planning some sort of career in politics and say this is a solid stepping stone.

“It definitely serves as supplemental material to get to where you want to be," Hernandez said. “Having to break down specific questions using current events and using various styles of speech is perfect practice," added Albrecht.

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