Memorial Day weekend marks the start of the summer travel season at San Antonio International Airport.
Dirk Elmendorf said his family got to the airport 2 1/2 hours before their flight because it was over-sold. That's even longer than the 90 minutes early the airport recommends.
"We can't get seats, so we're hoping that the kids and us can be together, because through the kindness of strangers," Elmendorf said.
They are setting out on a holiday weekend because it's a more convenient time to catch up with friends and show off their new baby. It's not Elmendorf's first pick for travel time.
"Everybody was gonna stay in Chicago, and so it was an easy time to get everybody in one place. Plus it's a holiday weekend, and I love traveling when it's super busy," he said.
His 4-year-old Max is already a seasoned traveler, and his dad said he just needs an iPad to stay entertained.
"I like the ride a lot because I enjoy looking out the windows," Max said.

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