The man responsible for stopping an attack on a mother outside of Bonham Academy is being honored on Tuesday.

Fred Rosin is credited with helping to save the life of Terry Barron, who was stabbed over 30 times by her then-husband, Robert Barron.

Rosin said on the morning of Aug. 28, 2012, he was on a leisurely walk through the King William District, when he heard screaming coming from outside Bonham Academy.

“As we approached the area over here by Bonham Elementary, I heard someone yelling,” Rosin said.  “It sounded like a woman yelling something, I couldn't quite figure out what it was.”

Rosin said he could see a woman, later identified as Terry Barron, being stabbed multiple times across the street from the school. 

She later told KSAT 12 that her husband, Robert Barron, was upset after she filed for divorce.

During the attack, Rosin, who is a concealed handgun license holder, said he ran to Terry’s aid, yelling at Barron multiple times to stop.

“I yelled at him again. He turned around looked at me, and ignored me,” Rosin said. “I yelled again, as loud as I could yell, and he turned around, and I pointed out that I had a gun, and pointed it at him.”

Rosin says when Barron saw the gun, he finally dropped his knife, and asked for someone to call 911. Rosin held him at gunpoint until police arrived, and believes having his gun that day made the difference in saving the Terry’s life.

“Here was a fellow who is obviously out of control, in the process of killing someone. She was stabbed 38 times, she barely lived, and he ignored me.” Rosin said. “Without my gun, she would have been dead.”

Though she survived the attack, Terry Barron told KSAT 12 back in November, that she was hopeful to regain use of her hands someday.

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus will honor Rosin with the “Citizen Hero” award on Tuesday, April 30, at Lila Cockrell Theatre.

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