Rescuing animals is nothing new to Stacey Wiley, who has a pair of rescued dogs roaming around her house: Lilly, a pug mix, and Charlie, a terrier mix.

"In the past if I found a cat, I'd help it find a home," said Stacey.

But fostering never crossed her mind until she heard about Maggie, a Staffordshire terrier mix, who was picked up days after losing her own litter of puppies.

Soon after she was found, a litter of newborns came in needing a mother.

"She's a special dog because she saved 11 dogs from being put down and she deserves a second chance in life," said Wiley.

Her efforts to save other dogs already made Maggie stand out.

But she also happened to be the 10,000th life saved by San Antonio Pets Alive in the last 20 months in an effort to help Animal Care Services make the city achieve "no-kill" status for stray animals.

"Everybody was really excited," said Wiley while she picked up Maggie. "I didn't realize she was the 10,000th pup but, yeah, they were really excited and they were just excited to know that she was going to go somewhere other than where she was supposed to be going."

Wiley has had Maggie for about a week and is almost ready to introduce her to the other dogs at home.

But she's hoping someone will give a permanent home to this hero.

"She's a great dog. She doesn't bark, doesn't chew," she said. "She stays in the crate and doesn't have a problem and walks great on the leash and lets my 5-year-old love on her, pet her and haven't had one problem really with her."

People interested in adopting Maggie or other animals can contact SAPA by e-mailing them at or filling out an application online.

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