Dwayne Powell says he was beat up by four San Antonio police officers on the night of July 7.  

His family says he spent a couple days at University Hospital for his injuries -- injuries that civil rights leader Quanell X said he should have never suffered.

"This man was assaulted by the San Antonio Police Department without a just cause and if they gave him medical attention like he requested, they would have learned he has a severe medical problem and he needed medical attention not a behind kicking," said Quanell X.

Powell suffered from severe blood pressure and at times, and Quanell X said Powell will black out. 

On July 7,  Powell said he blacked out as he left an apartment complex, but officers nearby assumed he was drunk and on drugs when he clipped a gate.

“According to Mr. Powell, they continued to beat him, stomp him and kick him and punch him," he said.

After hospital workers took his blood, no alcohol or drugs were in his system. 

Family members say Powell was wrongly accused because of his skin color.

"This has got to stop. It's not right. They use excessive force and to beat a man (while) handcuffed, it's preposterous, it's not right," said his sister-in-law Brandi Powell.

"They assumed because they saw an African-American male with tattoos that this man is a criminal. They assumed that he was either drunk or on drugs or under the influence. (They) ejected him out of the vehicle and beat him (while) in handcuffs," said Quanell X.

In an emailed statement, San Antonio police Public Information Officer Sandy Gutierrez said they take all allegations seriously and investigate thoroughly and that the incident is currently being reviewed by Internal Affairs. 

Quanell X said he plans on having a meeting with them about the incident next week.

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