San Antonio police said slick roads and a deicing agent were most likely to blame for a multi-car crash near downtown early Tuesday morning.

SAPD officers responded to the crash just after 2 a.m. just east of downtown at Interstate 37 over Nolan Street.

TxDOT crews were deicing the highway due to inclement weather.

Police said several vehicles spun out and struck a guard rail. At least six vehicles were involved in the crash. No injuries were reported.

TxDOT spokesperson said even though the magnesium chloride used for de-icing looks slick, it shouldn't cause cars to slide.

"We are aware that there was a crash, or several crashes on the highways. However, since we did treat all of Bexar County, it's really hard for us to determine if that was a contributing factor to those crashes," said Lopez.

TxDOT activated its command post for Bexar County even before temperatures dipped below freezing. Crews pre-treated elevated highways and kept an eye on overpasses, but never saw ice.

"Our primary goal is not to close the highways. We try to keep them open for the traveling public. The first that we'll close is always the overpasses and the bridges," Lopez said.