SAN ANTONIO - has ranked the 35 best tacos in America -- and four of them can be found in San Antonio.

Their "Best Tacos" list was pared down using information from 200 leading food writers and taco experts, along with some "best of" lists.

A panel of experts were invited to a taste test to choose the winners.

No. 35 on the list is Taco Taco Cafe on East Hildebrand, for the puffy taco with picadillo.

"It's food of the heart, so that's the secret," said owner Helen Velesiotis.

At No. 23, Ray Drive in on SW 19th Street, for their carne guisada puffy taco.

At No. 15, Henry's Puffy Tacos on Bandera Road, for their spicy beef fajita puffy taco.

No. 14 on the list is Mi Tierra Restaurant and Cantina on Produce Row, for their carnitas Michoacan taco. 

The homemade corn tortilla is filled with pork spiced with orange, garlic and white pepper.

"We marinate those pork tips for 24 hours to get that kind of soft meat," said manager Daniel Barrientos.

The Daily Meal list did not include breakfast tacos.

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