St. Mary Magdalen Catholic School started the new school year with a new dual-language program, making the North San Antonio school the only Catholic school in Texas with a dual-language program.

The school is one of 12 in the country selected by Boston College for the program.

"I believe the children will be richer, intelligence-wise, and they're going to ... have a lot of fun. They're going to learn a lot," said Lydia Garza.

Even though Garza has been teaching 4-year-olds for more than 25 years, teaching them in two languages is new.

Pre-K students who are 3 and 4 years old are included in the program.

"It's the No. 1 reason that I decided to bring my son to St. Mary Magdalen, (in addition to it) being a Catholic school. But I think to be bilingual nowadays is a basic requirement in the world we live in," said Patrick Duffy, whose son, Christopher, is in Garza's classroom.

Principal William Daily said the small classroom size at St. Mary Magdalen will help kids who are being exposed to a new language.

"We have a low tuition, and we have a low classroom student-teacher ratio. So there's a lot of individual attention that our teachers can give," he said.

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