Denise Rosales does not have health insurance because, she said, it's too "expensive."

"That's why I haven't been to the doctor in a while," she said.

Rosales works at Clothesline Cleaners, a company the owner says puts the people and the environment above profit.

"This is very important to us," owner Derba Mills said. "I want to insure everyone who works here."

Because she has only 13 employees, Mills is not required by by the Affordable Care Act to offer health insurance, but she intends to.

But, only weeks before she can go online to the federal exchange to buy insurance for 2014, she has many questions.

"There's not enough information for us about how to effect it," she said. "Where do we go? Where do you go to get it?"

Small businesses will have their own federal marketplace beginning Oct. 1 where they can get subsidized policies for their workers.  The exchange is called the Small Business Health Options Program or SHOP.

More information can be found at

A separate exchange will be set up for individuals. It will be run by the federal government because the State of Texas is not participating.

U.S. Rep. Joaquin Castro (D) lead a discussion Monday at ACCION offices on the benefits of Obamacare for small business.

Companies will be able to be more competitive with larger businesses if they offer better benefits, according to Castro.

As for affording the insurance, if a small business buys through the federal marketplace, there are tax credits available.

"This will give them a tax credit to pay for it: 35 percent first and then 50 percent to help them offer health insurance to employees," said Castro.

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