It's gone from bad to worse, and some are now wondering how far the Target security breach will reach.

On Friday, the company announced the estimated 40 million customers affected by the breach was a conservative number. It's now at 70 million customers, and locally, people are concerned it won't stop there.

On KSAT's Facebook page and on, the response was harsh.

Jenn wrote, "My husband and I were one of them. It was a nightmare. (Our) bank account was wiped out of our funds plus $800 on top of that. To make things worse, when we contacted Target, they said, 'There's nothing we can do.' I cried for two days. The feeling of being robbed is horrible."

Another viewer, Jennifer, wrote: "(I) haven't shopped there in a long time and not planning to now."

Dezi promised, "Cash transactions only at Target."

On the company's website, there is a whole section dedicated to the breach. If you click on it, you get the latest updates, including Friday's news of the expanded investigation.

There is also a promise that consumers will not have to pay for any fraudulent transactions and that those affected will get one free year of credit monitoring.

In San Antonio, USAA spokesmen said all affected customers they are aware of have already been issued new debit cards.

Broadway Bank was happy to report that it has had no instances of fraud yet. It is also issuing new cards to those affected.

KSAT's efforts to visit local Target stores or speak with a Target representative regarding this new expanded investigation were declined by corporate officials.

They do promise, however, that details on how Target customers will be protected by credit monitoring will be released next week.

Meantime, many banks suggest changing out your debit card now, changing your PIN and checking your accounts frequently for fraud.

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