San Marcos police say a woman and her 4-year-old child were abducted and she was beaten and sexually assaulted by three men.

According to San Marcos police Commander Penny Dunn, the assault occurred around 11:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Dunn said the woman was driving near the intersection of Cheatham Street and McKie when her vehicle was struck from behind by another vehicle. When she got out to inspect the damage, Dunn said she was forced into the backseat of her own vehicle, her head covered, then abducted.

Dunn said three Hispanic males took the woman to an unknown location where she was sexually assaulted then strangled into unconsciousness.

The unconscious woman and her child were later left in her parked vehicle on the side of a road outside San Marcos, Dunn said.

The woman regained consciousness and was able to return home, where she contacted authorities.

She was taken to an area hospital for treatment. Her child was not physically harmed during the incident, Dunn said.

Police are asking anyone who was in the vicinity of Cheatham and McKie streets in San Marcos on Wednesday, Nov. 6, between 11:20 a.m. and noon, who may have witnessed the incident or anything related to this incident to call Criminal Investigations at 512-753-2300 or Crime Stoppers at 512-353-TIPS or 800-324-8477.

The three suspects are described as being Hispanic males: one possibly in his 40s; one in his 30s and one 18-20 years old.

Police recommend the public to be cautious and call 911 immediately if you observe suspicious activity.

If you are involved in a minor accident and believe it may be a prelude to a similar type of attack, call 911 to advise of your location and find a very visible, populated place to stop or drive to a police or fire station.

Note as many details you can of the other vehicle and occupants, but stay in your vehicle and lock the doors until police arrive.