Sandwich shop fails inspection; Produce store shuts down

BKD: Subway flunks inspection; Trejo Produce closes

By RJ Marquez

SAN ANTONIO - A North Side sandwich shop failed its recent health inspection while a South Side produce store is no more after it was shut down.

The Subway restaurant located at 16634 Highway 281 North near Thousand Oaks failed their latest health inspection with 34 demerits.    

Some of the violations listed by the inspector were: Deli meats not cold enough, meatballs not hot enough, no hot water throughout the establishment and things like food debris and mold on walls.

A KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door crew visited the location and spoke to an employee who said everything has been taken care of, but KSAT noticed another apparent violation.

The inspection report was posted, but customers could not read it or see their score.

KSAT asked to speak to the manager, but was told he was out at the moment. The manager had not responded to KSAT's report as of 10 p.m. Thursday.

Trejo Produce located at 1419 Commercial Avenue just off Interstate 35 was shut down by the health department for lack of hot water.

A KSAT Behind the Kitchen Door crew visited the store, but it was gone and closed off with a padlocked gate.

Display cases with the business' name and a menu still painted on the walls were the only things that remained.

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