Sandy Oaks residents received the go-ahead from the San Antonio City Council Thursday to begin incorporation proceedings for their small southeast Bexar County community.

The vote angered Sandy Oaks residents because the city would only allow them to incorporate a two-square-mile area instead of the four-mile area residents requested.

“Two square miles? What’s that?” asked Pedro Orduno, chairman of the Committee for the Incorporation of Sandy Oaks.

Orduno said a city that small would not be able to generate enough property taxes to provide city services for the approximately 5,000 people living in the area.

New annexation policies factored into the city’s decision.

The policies advise against setting up any new municipalities that would compete with San Antonio economically or hinder the city's ability to expand.

Several council members said the area has the potential for economic growth and that it was in the best interest of the city to keep the area open for future annexation.

There are major corporations in the area such as Halliburton, but the only businesses included in the Sandy Oaks request were a Conoco Gas Station, Burger King, and a fireworks stand.

Residents believe an empty eight-acre plot of land could have provided enough property taxes to make Sandy Oaks a viable city.

“That’s all we want,” Orduno said. “We need police protection, we need fire services. We have to have businesses. We have to have a balanced property tax base.”

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