SAPD chief: Officer made right call

Chase nets two suspects, sends officer to hospital

Author: Cory Smith, Reporter,
Published On: Dec 08 2013 10:21:40 PM CST

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus did not hesitate when asked if his officers made the right decision to pursue two suspects wanted for an armed robbery.

“The supervisor made the right call,” he said.

Shawn Ruiz Puente and Genevive Ramos were captured in Wilson County Sunday morning after leading police on a high speed chase through multiple jurisdictions.

Officer Robert Deckard, 31, was shot in the head during the pursuit, but McManus is confident Deckard and his supervisor followed protocol.

“Violent felony robbery. That is, by policy, an offense that we can chase for and he did just that,” McManus said. “It’s the supervisors call. In this case I think the supervisor made the right call allowing him to pursue into another county.”

McManus said the suspects’ connections to other crimes also played a role in the decision to follow them.

“These individuals are suspected of committing at least six [robberies] the previous night and up to 15 altogether in recent time,” he said.

Chases are not uncommon for police officers and new technology is available to alleviate the dangers of a high speed chase.

In Austin some police officers can shoot a GPS tracker from their patrol cars that sticks onto a suspect’s vehicle, allowing officers to track the person’s movement without having to follow them in a vehicle.

“There are a number of technologies out there. We do not have that one,” McManus said. “We look at everything that comes on the market. Whether we purchase it or not is another issue.”