Auto theft is a concern for motorists like James Porcher.

"... trucks in San Antonio (are taken) to Mexico and they sell them in no time. So you have to be concerned," said Porcher, who owns a Toyota Tacoma.

That's why Porcher and other vehicle owners showed up at North Side ISD Police Headquarters on Grissom Road on Wednesday to have their VIN numbers etched on the windows of their vehicles.

"The vehicle is worth more stripped than it is as a whole," said NISD Police Sgt. James Camp. "And so ... when a big part of the car is taken out of the equation like the auto glass, it's not quite as valuable to them (commercial auto thieves)."

Thieves often steal pickup trucks for smuggling operations, but police said the free service could even deter those types of criminals from taking a pickup truck.

"When the the pickup truck is not used anymore for smuggling, then it has some commercial value to it, and by etching the glass, it takes away a lot of that commercial value," Camp said.

Vehicle owners who missed out on the event can monitor the social media channels for Northside ISD and the San Antonio Police Department for future events like this one.

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