Robert Deckard, the San Antonio police officer shot in the head during a high-speed chase early Sunday morning, remains in intensive care but has been stabilized further, the department posted Tuesday morning on its Facebook page.

"Although there has been little change, things are going as well as can be expected. Doctors succeeded in stabilizing Officer Deckard a bit further last night. They are waiting for some swelling to subside and are not expecting much of a change over the next few days. We will update ASAP in the event of any changes," the post read.

Deckard, 31, was chasing a car carrying two robbery suspects, later identified as as 32-year-old Shawn Ruiz Puente and 28-year-old Jenevieve Ramos. The pair (pictured at bottom) were accused of robbing the San Pedro Food Mart around 12 a.m. Sunday.

The chase, which reached speeds of 100 mph, led down Interstate 37 South into Atascosa County, where the suspects began firing shots at the officer.

The bullet that struck Deckard went through the windshield of his patrol car and hit him in the forehead. Deckard lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a grassy median.

He was taken to San Antonio Military Medical Center in critical condition, a bullet lodged in his brain.

The pair were chased into Wilson County, where they were subsequently captured. Investigators believe Puente and Ramos may be responsible for a series of robberies, which is part of the reason why Deckard continued to pursue them across multiple county lines.

Ruiz and Ramos remain in the Wilson County Jail, awaiting extradition to Bexar County.