The San Antonio Police Department on Monday issued the following statement regarding Officer Robert Deckard, the officer who was shot in the head during pursuit of a pair of robbery suspects:

"The doctors stated that they have reached the point where they have to start warming up Officer Deckard’s body temperature because it is not safe to keep him cold any longer. Unfortunately, this cooling down procedure was never able to get the pressure in his brain to a "comfortable" level. The surgeon believes the pressure was not relieved due to additional bleeding in the brain. However, it is too dangerous to do a CAT scan to find out for sure. Doctors will begin the warming process today but the prognosis for Officer Deckard surviving this process is slim. Please keep him and his family in your prayers."

Deckard has been in a medically induced coma since being shot in the head last week.

He was pursuing Shawn Ruiz Puente, 30, and Jenevieve Ramos, 28, who both remain in custody following what police are describing as a violent robbery spree.

They believe both suspects were involved in a robbery Thursday at San Pedro Food Mart, and on Saturday, at Colima Food Mart, the affidavits stated.

After the Saturday robbery, the police department issued a bulletin, advising officers to be on the lookout for the getaway car — a gray or white Mitsubishi with a black racing stripe.

The affidavit stated that Deckard was on patrol early Sunday morning when he spotted the vehicle and gave chase.

The chase ended in Atascosa County when shots were fired from the suspects’ vehicle, hitting Deckard in the head, the affidavit stated.

Puente and Ramos were arrested later in Wilson County.

The San Antonio Police Officers Association has set up a fund to assist the family of the seven-year police veteran.

Donations came be made in Deckard’s name at: