San Antonio police believe a man's joy ride in an ambulance all began because he was upset with being evicted from his apartment.

Police caught up with the 44-year-old man just before noon on Wednesday at Avenue B and Grayson.

They say San Antonio EMS was on Austin Highway treating a patient, when the man stole the ambulance.

Officers said it was difficult to catch up with the man, because he was able to use the ambulance to dodge police.

"Several officers along the way were able to spot the ambulance from time to time and broadcast its location," said San Antonio police Sgt. Javier Salazar. "My understanding is that the suspect had access to the radio."

The man apparently rammed two patrol cars in separate occasions.

In the second incident, officers were able to stop the ambulance, and placed the man under arrest.

No one was hurt, and the ambulance received minor damage.

The man -- whose name has not been released -- could be facing a charge of aggravated assault on a police officer.

He's now being interviewed by detectives.