An attempted home burglary on the city's Northwest Side leaves one teen in police custody and two other people with gunshot wounds.

Police investigators said the owner of a home in the 600 block River Village came home Monday afternoon to find three people in his home, burglarizing it.

Investigators said the trio actually broke into the home, and parked their car inside the man's garage.

When the homeowner came home, he knew something was up, when he saw his front door was unlocked. He told investigators he saw the burglars inside, and called police.

He had no idea that the three parked their car inside his garage, so the homeowner assumed they would escape through the back.

Instead, the trio fled in their car, busting through the closed garage door in the process.

That's when police say the homeowner, who was carrying a gun, shot at them at least three times, hitting two of them. Those two were taken to area hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. One of them has been identified as an 18-year-old male; the age of the other person has not been released.

None of the names of the three burglary suspects have been released.

It is not believed the homeowner will face charges.