A man was hospitalized Saturday night after he was shot by a San Antonio Police Officer.

The shooting happened at a convenience store near the intersection of Grissom Road and Timber Path.  Police said the man was initially threatening to shoot himself shortly after 6 p.m. in the 5200 block of Meadow Field but when officers tried to calm him down he ran to a convenience store in the 8800 block of Grissom Road.

"He saw the police and ran," Police Chief William McManus said.  "He ran around the corner towards the store.  He was tasered once and took the taser out."

McManus said that the man ran inside the store when officers tried a different method to get the man under control. The suspect refused to comply with officers' commands to put the weapon down.

"They used a beanbag to avoid deadly force," McManus said.  "But when the bean bag struck him one time, he spun around with the gun in his hand."

McManus said the man pointed the gun toward an officer and an undercover officer on the scene fired.  The shot hit the man in the shoulder.

The man was taken to University Hospital and was last reported in stable condition.  Charges are pending against him.

The officer involved in the shooting will be placed on temporary administrative duty. It is standard procedure for officers involved in shootings to be placed on administrative duty pending an investigation.