Neighbors on the city's North Side have been on the lookout for a suspicious white van after a middle school student was followed home by someone driving a white van on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, Lisa Ybarra said she was getting ready to to pick up her seventh-grader when she noticed a suspicious-looking white van drive right past her. But when it circled around her son's bus stop at Trendwood and Bowens Crossing a second time, she knew something wasn't right.

"About 10 minutes later, that same van stopped right there and slowly was just going down the street extremely slow," said Ybarra. "That's the same van. It had no identifying marks on the van and it had no other windows."

Later Tuesday, when Ybarra saw the story on the KSAT Facebook page about the Bradley Middle School student who was followed home by someone driving a white van matching the same description as the one she had seen, she contacted her son's school.

"At any given time, that person can get on any loop, come on the other side of town in 15 to 20 minutes and grab a kid," said Ybarra. "And when I saw the van, it was about the same time that the middle-schoolers are being released."

San Antonio police are currently looking into two cases of a suspicious white van.

"At this point, the conduct that is being described to us hasn't really reached the criminal level," said San Antonio police Sgt. Javier Salazar. "At this point, it's classified as a suspicious person (or a) person of interest. It's something we want to hear more about if people see the white van or any vehicle, really, that is acting suspicious."

If you think you have seen this white van, police are encouraging you to call their non-emergency number at 207-SAPD.

On Wednesday, Northeast ISD officials said there was a similar incident that happened in April 2013 in the same area where the Bradley student was followed home earlier this week.

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